Tuesday, August 02, 2005

"Iraqui Deutschmarks?"

First of all, Juan Cole- Informed Comment is one of my favorite sites. Prof. Cole combines a vast knowledge of the Middle East with a committed humanist outlook to write commentary. I've always gotten the feeling from everything he writes that a warm concern for people, all people, is his fundemental tenet.

Some days, when I do my morning reading, or mourning reading if you prefer, I come upon something that seems to encapsulate in a few words the terrible senselessness and waste of the Iraq debacle. This entry at Informed Comment did it today.

Here's the bit that nearly got me to toss my Alpha Bits:

It is certainly true that the Coalition Provisional Authority based its reconstruction plans in Iraq on postwar Germany. They often just had old plans in Germany translated into Iraqi terms. One CPA document, hastily done, talked of the necessity to support the value of "Iraqi deutschmarks."

For this we pay taxes? Before the war started, the State Department assembled a plan for post-war reconstruction, drawing on their knowledge of the area and the conditions. The bush bunch went bananas and threw it out, and we got the CPA. And the present mess.