Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Anna Quindlen hates our Freedoms!

It is always a sad occasion when an American is seduced by the doctrines of Godless Communism. When an American abandons the commitment to the heavenly dispenserated (if dispenserated is the word I want) freedoms of the free market, when an American refuses to lube the palm of the invisible hand of the marketplace, it makes the baby Jesus soil his swaddling sheets and get all colicky and stuff. I'm talking about this article by Anna Quindlen, which advocates a pratically complete government control of the hiring process. Does Ms. Quindlen seriously think that American industry and business can compete if employers are forced to employ employees which are so seriously limited in their capacity they can contribute very little to the bottom line in our top-drawer firms? Huh? Well does she? Worst of all Ms. Quindlen is suggesting that businesses should hire people whose disabilities are not congenital, visiting upon the sons and daughters for the sins of the father, but people whose disabilities are the result of their own decisions. I haven't been so disgusted and alarmed since I discovered the box of cornflakes I poured milk over to comprise my breakfast was stale.


Blogger Editormom said...

Jeez, guy, learn to spell...

August 4, 2005 at 11:14 AM  
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