Sunday, July 31, 2005

Blue Angels Crash caused by anonymous Blogger?

I'm trying very hard this morning not to think about Seafair, or even look east from my deck high atop the hills of Bummington. I mean, think of the consequences!
Look, I'll admit it, I don't like the Blue Angels. Oh not the individual pilots or crew involved in the airshow, of course; my station in life does not permit the knowing of any of them. I've never liked the whole idea of military airware as a source of entertainment. The first time I saw those jets streaking across the sky in close formation I thought the US was under attack from a foreign power, and for a moment felt the terror that literally millions around the globe must feel, and with much better reason, when they see fighter jets rushing towards them. And these jets were the wrong color, and without the markings I expect to see on Air Force planes. My only question was whether we were about to be bombed with conventional or nuclear bombs.
Okay, maybe I hold the Blue Angels responsible for supplying my Wife a bit of ammunition for her campaign to get me landscaping our small, hillside lot. "Well, you sure started digging fast enough when those Blue Angels jets frightened you into digging a bomb shelter under my vegetable garden. You sure as hell weren't complaining about your carpal tunnel then, were you, Mooser?" (Such is the gratitude I receive for generously rescuing that guttersnipe from her parents 14 room palazzo and her modeling career and installing her in a luxurious hut constructed of the finest refrigerator boxes available, not to mention allowing her to work double-shifts at the slaughterhouse to support me in a style to which I would like to become accustomed, without ever complaining, not once. But that's sauce for a different goose.)
Anyway, with the small-mindedness typical of liberals, I just can't take pleasure in the sights and sounds which all over the world are a precursor to death and destruction. I mean, you're out there tending the collard greens and carrots, and boom! You're collateral damage.
But since I bear the boys they send up in crates like that no ill-will, I've got to be very mindful of the extrodinary powers granted to liberals to bring down jets, cause casualties, in fact cause wholesale stratergeral and tactilical failure simply by thinking negative thoughts or, heaven forefend, trying to understand the tactics and motivations of those allied against the good'ol US of A. The shoulder fired missile of negativity is not gonna come from this nattering nabob, no sir, no!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Announcement !

Anonymous sources have informed me Mooser will resume blogging in short order. According to my source, a request from the mysterious "notway" in response to a comment by Mooser was the deciding factor. Other highly placed sources have informed me that "a polite request from "notway" is like a polite request from The Godfather; it is tantamount to an order. You can flaunt it, but you'd better not flout it, or you'll end up flattened, so it's best to be phlegmatic about it, if "phlegmatic" is the word I want. "Notway" would know".