Saturday, November 27, 2004

I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me !

Naomi Klein, who wrote a series of excellent articles on the Coalition Provisional Authourity and other subjects related to the invasion, had somthing sort of wierd in an article in the Guardian today. Maybe some among the fanatic hordes comprising the denizens of Moosehall could clear this up for me?
The subject of her article is the photo, rapidly gaining iconic status, (or as you might say, quickly acquiring the status of an icon. Or, conversely, you might not.)of a US soldier having an after-battle smoke. The photo could be an attempt to portray US soldiers as blood-stained, dirty, cigarette fiends. As part, don't you know, of a liberal plot to make war seem icky and thus uncool, if indeed things icky and uncool (implied italics here) are considered icky and uncool by those in the recruiter's demographics. I wouldn't know.
Be that as is may be, and for all I know it may indeed be, maybe, as it were, that is not what compelled my post. No indeed. Indeed, no. Instead what, or what instead caused the ineffable frisson (if indeed a frisson may be with any degree of accuracy or honesty called ineffable)which drives otherwise complacent men (or in this case, me)to the extremity of a new blog post is her use of an old anecdote which I have heard many times before:

"It reminds me of the joke about the Hassidic rabbi who says all sexual positions are acceptable except for one: standing up "because that could lead to dancing".

A joke "about the Hasidic rabbi"? I've only heard this as an anecdote (she calls it a "joke", but that particular obfuscation will remain undeconstructed, more out of a desire to avoid inflaming the sensitivities of the sensitive, than anything else) about a "Baptist minister". Never have I heard this, or any other bon mot or mot juste refering to a prohibition on dancing in reference to the Hasidim.

And so I appeal to you, dear reader, even unto the Antipodean auscultators of this eponymous epistle: What kind of shit is this; Hasidim don't dance? I thought Hasids (I prefer the spelling Chasid) were regular Dreidals. I thought Chasidim danced like crazy!

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Duty Calls

My wife is claiming she has been selected for Jury Duty! More than that she is forbidden to divulge. The entire kugel is redolent of judicial mystery, legal hijinks and reformed torts. This, like so much else, is an outrage. I can barely stand it. No, it's more than any reasonable man can be expected to bear. I won't be still, I will be heard! I will follow her and find out what she is really doing each day.