Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Spoiling the Child

There is nothing so sad as families who waste a good chance to "train their children up in the way they should go". If a child is not shown the right things to do, if a child doesn't learn the right things to say, much damage, damage which may be impossible to correct later in life, can be done. While there are many families teaching their children the right things, I am disheartened when I see a child without the guidance and examples they need to make a difference in the world.
It's never too early to begin! The first, essential and basic lesson every American child needs is one concerning the proper ways to interact with others, and the best way to teach this is by example. The relations between a child's parents will set the pattern for his relations to others. When a boy watches his father, he should see the pattern for his future behavior. A man who is never pleased, who glares ferociously at his wife, and most important of all, is capable of sudden violent outbursts, provides an example for a boy to emulate. While the refinements of sadism and visciousness can be inculcated later, a child, especially a boy, should learn early that any restraint of temper, any forbearance of the violent impulse, is a sin with grave consequences. When a boy sees his mother trembling, with fresh bruises each morning, he learns the basic, the essential principles of opression which will serve him throughout his life. Do not neglect your chances to ingrain this important principle in your sons, my fellow Americans!
As for our precious daughters, the future homemakers, wives, mothers, and divorcees who will do so much to make the future what it will be, the mixture of craven obsequiousness, and minipulative cruelty so necessary to a sucessful marriage is a subtle and difficult role to acquire, and little girls need every help in mastering this complicated part. Since I am not a woman, I can only pray that God will help today's Mothers impart to their little girls the important skills they must have. I do know that an early reliance on perscription drugs and alcohol will help a girl through adolescence, and ease her into a pure and unsullied womanhood. And it is up to the Mothers of our generation to help their little girls in this respect. The father has a role to play here, too. It is up to him to plant the seeds of self-worthlessness which will mean so much in the future.
Parents need a way to measure their childrens growth towards adulthood. A good measure of a childs progress can be seen in their enthusiasm for killing or maiming animals. By the time a child is three to four years old, it is not to much to expect that beyond simply killing insects or small animals, the more precocious will be exploring ways to inflict pain on the little creatures before dispatching them. Once a child learns to regard the lives of animals as worthless, and to enjoy killing them, they are well on their way to growing into a true lack of empathy, and disregard for the lives of their fellow human beings. Raising children is a challenge, it's "hard work" as the greatest of American Presidents has said, but the inward satisfaction to be gained from knowing that by your efforts, another bully, sadist, or even full fledged sociopath has been added to God's shining city should encourage us to do our best, to give forth with our utmost. God Bless You, and please, let me hear from you parents so we can encourage each other in our quest to raise a generation of human beings fully devoid of felling for anybody weaker than themselves. I will close in the words of the Old Testament writer, who said (Latherchamos 3:42) And we shall raise them with blows and curses, and verily our seed will say: It is every man for himself, and God against all.


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