Saturday, October 16, 2004

I had a dream

I had a dream last night. A bad dream, in fact, a nightmare. And, as nightmares will do, it terrified me. I awoke, terrified. A victim of terror. A terror victim. I had been terrorised.
Oh, it went away in a few minutes. But it changed my life. Because after the terror subsided, I got angry. "What right does that dream have to frighten me?" I thought. "None at all" I answered myself.
Continueing to think, but without quotation marks, I thought this: I will not be terrorised. I will not! And then I understood; the understanding flooded my soul with light as if, well, as if the light had just been turned on, which, in fact it had. I was now a soldier in the war on terror! I had been frightened, terrorised by a dream, and by waking up I had destroyed that dream and I won a battle against terror!
But only one battle in a war. That's not enough.
Tomorrow, I will gain a decisive victory over terror. Here's how:
Tomorrow night, I will take my shotgun, (which is one of those short barrelled, pump loading affairs with a prosiac resin stock and a pistol grip, holds 7 cartridges) to bed with me, and I will sit up all night and when that dream comes to scare me again I will be ready and fill that son-of-a-bitch nightmare with buckshot! I'll be ready. I'll drink black coffee and take uppers and when that dream comes I'll blast it!
And after I win my war on terror, I won't be satisfied with any half-assed truce or stalemate. I will wage war on fright. And then I will wage war on uncertainty, anxiety, and indecision.


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