Thursday, October 07, 2004

Gratifying Progress. (A Progress Retort)

Nothing is so gratifying as noting the progression of my degeneration. First, as I mentioned in an earlier post, my nervous breakdown coupled with a general deterioration of my mind. My vocabulary is becoming more and more limited, I am less able to concentrate, and my thought process has become progressively more infantile. My writing skills, while never exceptional, were at one time pretty good. At this time, I have trouble completeing a sentence, and the ability to sustain literary composition over, say, the length of a short essay is only a distant memory. And my memory is shot. I can't hold on to anything for more than a couple hours.
My physical disintergration is what I'm really proud of ! My teeth are rotting, I have several loose, and I can be pretty sure all my choppers will be gone in less than a year. My muscles, all over my body have atrophied to the point that my arms and legs look like sticks. Related to that, I'm sure, are the spasms and cramps I experience with any extension of my arms, hands, or legs. My heart and circulatory system have degenerated to a point which puts me right on the edge of a heart attack or stroke with any exertion. My lungs, of course, are a black joke. A one block walk will leave me soaked with persperation, winded, and unable to continue. Jogging, let alone running, is out of the question! My eyesight and hearing both have become less, especially my eyesight. I can no longer read normal size (12 pt.) type, and I am just about blind in dim light.
There is a lump, with some pain, in the area of my prostate, which is the beginning of cancer.
I am unalterably opposed to any medical treatments. If a doctor comes within my grasp, I will strike or stab at them. I will gladly, gladly go to my grave before I give a quacker, a croaker one penny.
I'm pretty sure the way I am going I will be done with this entire degradin process within 2 years.