Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Anguish While They Languish, Which We can Help Vanquish

"The Six Million Dollar Man" a TV Serial show about the adventures of a policeman who has had his limbs and part of his brain replaced by vastly improved components, so as to fight der crimey type stuff in a half hour or less, is available on DVD. Don't you know someone for who this would be like a really cool gift and their spirits would be lifted and hope would become their plan, if they had the complete set? I bet you do.
But do you order this person, who he has been cruelly overtaken by a tragical fate, which wasn't their fault, a nice box set and maybe you could pack in a Keilbasa or maybe a little chocalate and a couple bags of dope and send it off to them which you could do with one click of the rat? No, in the plain language which made this country the famous country which it is, being plainspoken and all, you sit on your tuffet, enjoying a buffet, your mouth you will stuff it and abandon the Kurds? No whey! That's what's wrong with this country! First you say you will, and than you won't. Then you say why not, but then you don't. You're undecided now, so what are you gonna do?
Now is the hour of our disk content. Whip inflation now! Elastic elation and broken concentration. And you can't wait to get back to your unit!.


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