Monday, September 27, 2004

An Important Announcement !

An Important Change in Policy is Going Into Effect!
Please Note!
From now until the Election, there will be a change in the content of the Moosehall Blog! Moosehall is the Official Blog of Moose Hall, the Orifice through which the pronouncements of Derbig Mooser, the Moosette, Shirley Poupadoupalous, and Phet Philibuster Phellowcreature are propagated. Until the Election, there will be no postings about politics, foreign policy, the Middle East, or any Current Events. Instead, all postings will concern the latest developements in Medical research, recherche reaproachment, and developing denouments here at Moose Hall. In this way, Mr. Moose will Challenge the World!!
We have made an important advances in vaccines and innoculations, among other innovations.