Tuesday, August 17, 2004

We Have a Winner!, or, It Grates On Our Minds Alike

The Post below poses the Question, Why on Earth would Our Goverment Exaggerate the Terror Threat?
And today,(http://www.antiwar.com/eland/?articleid=3313) Ivan Elund gives the correct answer! Give the man a Cigar or Coconut, according to his choice!
"The answer is simple. Although the U.S. government repeatedly warns its citizens of imminent terrorist attacks and takes draconian measures-both at home and abroad-in the name of “national security,” it really does not have many incentives to actually make those citizens safer."
"Research by political scientists and public choice economists indicate that in the absence of adequate public scrutiny, highly organized and well-connected vested interests-both inside and outside of the government-drive government policies. Because such policies concentrate their benefits on those interests, the pressure groups care greatly about them and lobby the U.S. government for their implementation".
"The Bush administration rhetorically exaggerated the threat from Iraqi “weapons of mass destruction” and implied a false connection between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein to hide the real reasons for the invasion".


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