Friday, August 13, 2004

Our Very Own Barrel of Blood

If I wasn't lazy, and if I dasn't dare to dive into the intracasies of Blogger posting, this post would be below the post below. (Got that?)

Anyway, this New York Obsever asticle is the first sane comment I have read about the 9-11 report. The sentence:
"They (The report's authors) would have us make ourselves into the world’s largest Israel, a nation surrounded by concertina wire, search lights, sensors, patrol boats, electric fences, and a thick magnetic field of suspicion and secret detentions."
sent chills down my spine.

The article points out that the 9-11 report accepts as fact all the bigotry, propaganda, misinformatoin, and lies which form the basis for the "War on Terror", and will condemn the US to an endless war. is the link.

Now, if you're a glutton for punshment, go read this ridiculous editorial from the Seattle PI.

Notice how they swallowed the whole bucket of blood in one gulp. Is it possible for adult Americans to be this stupid? The problem, as they interpet the 9-11 report, is that we are not fighting the entire world, all at once!. If I didn't live here, I wouldn't believe the editorial was written by the PI staff. I would have thought it was written by a Bin Ladden agent.

But I guess you have to be careful, "something bad" may happen.