Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Haaretz - Israel News - The price of brainwashing

Haaretz - Israel News - The price of brainwashing Gee, maybe I'm back in style. I always thought the settlers were a bunch of extremists at best, and thugs at worst. I always thought what they were doing was the worst thing possible for Israel. But then, I'm a 'bad Jew' or maybe 'self-hating' because I think that Jews are just like other people, human beings with shortcomings which leave us far from being able to claim that, for instance, we know Gods will.
Of course, this article mostly talks about French Jews, and in spite of being Jewish, they're still French.

Prof. Ze'ev Sternhell, who took part in the discussions, was shocked by the hostility directed at him. Whenever he spoke in favor of a peace agreement, he was interrupted and heckled. Whenever he spoke about how Israelis need peace, he was shut up by the audience. When he dared to say the Palestinians are also human beings, hecklers whistled to drown him out. "Have you gone mad?" he asked the hundreds of Jews who gathered in the luxurious community center. "Women and children are being killed in terror attacks, our young boys are being killed in the territories, and you make a farce of the entire thing, as if we are living in some stage production for your sake!"