Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Sharon�s �Palestinian state�

Sharon�s �Palestinian state� More Uri Avnery. There are, Thank God, a few people left who know what it means to be Jewish.

On a related note, I was reading the comments thread at the Washington Monthly Blog, ("Political Animal" by Kevin Drum) and thinking what a bit of genius it was to make "Arabs" or "Muslims" the new bogeyman, now the USSR is gone. They fit the bill, perfect like. Strange culture, hard to understand, strange appearance, and strange religion. About the only thing most anybody knows about them is that we fought them in the Crusades, a strange conflict, and that they hate them poor little Jews. Very few people in America have any day-to-day dealings with Arabs or Muslims, and they have been Orientalised by the media since, well, since the media began. The comments thread I was reading, about a new neo-con screed by, purportedly, an ex-CIA man posits a war-to-the-death between Moslemania and the West. The commenters were divided between killing 'em with nukes and killing them with kindness, but only one or two posters ever questioned the war-to-the-death, they-all-want-to-kill-us-all, basis of the discussion. The canard of the Moslem world consisting of a billion or so suicide bombers was never questioned. Yup, the Moslems were the right choice. Couldna' done it with the Chinese or even the Africans. And don't kvetch to me about 9-11 ! When they come up with some proof that 9-11 represented the ideas of anybody but the four guys who drove the planes (the rest of the 19 may have no notion of what was going on beyond a hijacking), and maybe a few more, I'll worry about it. Or maybe Tim McVeigh was representing all Montanians, or Christians, or Veterans or... I know- the Scots!


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