Thursday, June 17, 2004

Moosehall Redux

Last week in a moment of paranoi and discouragement, I deleted my blog! I almost cut my hair today. See, the floor guy came in to put a new floor in the entryway, and he shared a big bowl with me before he went to work. (And did an excellent job, too!) Since I rarely smoke anymore, maybe a couple times a year, I got wrecked, toasted, trashed! And as Woody Allan said, I had a Bum Voyage. Soon paranoi ran deep, into my heart it did creep, and barely beating Ashcrofts Flying Monkeys to my door, I got rid of the evidence. A couple hours later I came to and re-upped my blog. I'm not scared of no flying monkeys!
Well, it just goes to show, something... Oh yeah, that's right. Now that I don't smoke regular, when I do smoke the symptoms are alarming, and unpleasant. "Leave no turn unstoned" was my motto, in the old times! But no more- like I said, alarming and unpleasant, so that's that. I won't do that again. But blogging- that's addictive!


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