Monday, June 21, 2004

Let Mooser Explain it You.

Perhaps you've read that PresBush's poll numbers have gone up this, or rather last week. Perhaps you are confused by this. I know what you are thinking:" The whole demned Iraq war is going down the toilet, and the Administration is falling back on explanations and rationales which have been exposed as false long ago, and the responsibility for the Plame and Abu Ghraib scandals are creeping ever closer to the White House, and his numbers are going up? Sheesh!" Let me explain it you: Look, for about a year Bush & cohorts tried to put a successful face on the fiasco by using facts. So many schools opened, so many hours of electricity, so much oil pumped, so many cities under coalition control. And yes, these are facts, but with each fact comes another fact, which blows the administration fact up. The schools? There were more schools before the war. The electricity? The Iraqis had lots more before the war, and we can't keep the power on consistently. Oil? They're blowing the pipelines. Security? Don't ask. So when the insurgents, whoever they may be, kicked us out of Fallujah the administration did the only sensible thing; They forgot about facts and just advanced (for neo-conservatives it's not a retreat) into fantasy. The "handover" is less than 10 days away, and around the date June 30th an elaborate fantasy has been constructed. The Iraqis will "receive their Sovereignty" and "Be a Democracy" and "Most of Our Boys Will Come Home" In between the fantasy of "Shock and Awe" and the fantasy of "The Handover" there was no fantasy to well, fantasize about, and that's not good- just those pesky facts, and you don't raise your poll numbers with facts, not facts like they have in Iraq.
And the same thing applies to the reasons for going to war. Here also Bush and Cheney have simply stuck with their fantastic assertions, in spite of the findings of the 9-11 Commission, or any goddamn other thing for that matter. People like that- nothing makes us feel more secure than thinking our leaders have special knowledge, a special vision which is so special, well, if they told us they would have to kill us. What's so great about believing something because evidence and reason require it? Nuttin! Ah, but blindly believing in the teeth of the evidence, now that's special! And you gotta love 'em for it
But the polls biggest push up, like a Wonderbra, came from the torture photos. Finally Americans can see that we are winning in Iraq, the photos prove it. We can't be losing if we are beating those Iraqis up, making them stand around nekkid (Hah- hah- you don't have no clothes on) and raping their wommens. Man, we're using those terrorists as dog food! That'll teach 'em to knock over our buildings !
So it is possible that finally, the neo-cons have hit on the all American jackpot. When all else fails, the public always responds to fantasy and sadism. Bush could ride those two horses to a second term. You know- Don't change horsemen in the middle of an apocalypse!

Update : The amazing Karen Kwiatkowski writes a column just a day after I wrote this post. And in that column she says about the same thing as me. Of course she says it better and for some reason not entirely clear to me (Mooser views the world through a glass, dark and blurry, and his glasses are dirty, too) her words carry a lot more weight. Could it be the 23 years she spent in the Air Force and at the Pentagon, where she worked with the current crop of neo-cons? Now why would that give her any more insight than that possesed by a blubbery, half-blind Cervidae such as me?


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