Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Iraq War Analysis Paints Grim Picture - by Jim Lobe

Iraq War Analysis Paints Grim Picture - by Jim Lobe If you read nothing else about the Iraq war- read this. Keep in mind, while you read it, the figures for the dead and wounded are very conservative numbers, which is a polite way of saying they are bullshit. Here's an example of what I mean by BS:

"But despite precision bombing and other weapons and tactics designed to reduce "collateral damage," the toll among Iraqis has been far more dramatic,..."

"Precision bombing" means nothing. What does it matter if you hit your target precisely if it's the wrong damn target?
Tactics designed to reduce...for Christs sake, what about the total lack of fire control at checkpoints?
And just like the Pancake House; how many links would you like with that?

"Moreover, these figures do not take account of the long-run health impacts of the estimated 1,100 to 2,200 tons of ordnance made from depleted uranium ..."

And so it goes. Just because there are lots of neat pictures of Iraqis being tortured doesn't mean we are winning.
But try and tell that to the chickenhawks.
Those torture pictures will win bush a first term as President.


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