Thursday, June 24, 2004

I Can't Get No Satisfaction

Hate to break in to all the troll-feeding here, but my reaction on hearing this news is just that it stopped being even remotely satisfying to be right about Iraq a long time ago. This is just horrible.
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Above is a comment on the comments thread of the Blog "Eschaton" which put into words a nagging feeling that has been bouncing around my subconscious. As soon as I read that comment I thought: Mr Lurker, you hit it on the head. The way things were going to go was unclear right after 9-11, but soon devolved into the way it went, and when bush started pushing for, and was given, his chance to make a little war. Ooh, wait, here.. (with apologies to KC and the Sunshine Band)

I will sweep up,
All your fears.
Gather it up,
Large and small. (Boom-ba, boom-ba, boom-ba)

Even tho,
It wasn't him,
You know Saddam's,
Got to fall.

Tell a little lie,
Make a little war,
Get down tonite,
Get down tonite.

Hokay, back on track. Yeah, it was almost fun to see how completely wrong, from every angle, the whole thing was. You know- the fascination of a slow-motion train-wreck (well, not all that slow),combined with that smarmy, 'I knew it all along' attitude. But there was another component, too. I was waiting, with my smarmy attitude, for the moment when they were going to, faced with the magnitude of the fiasco, (Attention- We have a Magnitude 4.5 Fiasco on our hands, people...) or the screams of protest from the American public, or the loss of life, or money, or something, the moment when somebody (who?) would say: Okay, that's enough, cease and desist, back away from the war, and keep your hands where I can see 'em.
And then, about last week I realized, fully internalized, that no-one is going to stop it, ever. The grown-ups aren't coming home. They've been in a car crash, and the kids are going to party on till...
I needn't detail all the ways the war and it's rationales and the occupation have been exposed. And on we go- this is it, perpetual war, with perpetual lies, from here to infirmity.

Sort of takes all the fun out of being right.


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