Saturday, June 19, 2004

Forecast: Blustery, With Lots of Fallout

More Bush Doctrine Fallout - by Gordon Prather:I hate to mention it, but people are beginning to notice: "The actual invasion of Iraq may have been a 'cakewalk,' but it is obvious to every interested observer � most especially the Chinese � that our armed forces are now effectively tied up in the Persian Gulf and will be for years to come. There is essentially nothing we can do about DPRK's nukes � except bluster."

Mebbe if the Armed Forces got about 40 or 50 thousand of those life sized cardboard figures like they have in the movie theater lobby, you know, a soldier in full gear charging mitbayonet and scowl. Set 'em up all the places it used to be so important to have troops.

One militaryish resource we do have an unlimited supply of is bluster, and I expect lots of it. It's the bluster, buster!


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