Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Could the Stick be Broken?

Az mir vill schlugen a hunt, gifintmin a schtecken

"To beat a dog, you find a stick"
I read this article by the great Uri Avnery in the indispensable Antiwar.com and nearly passed out. If he is correct, the implications are heartbreaking.

This paragraph:

This means, in simple words: there was no intelligence material at all backing the assertion that Arafat is working for the destruction of the State of Israel, that Arafat had broken off the peace process in order to start a terror campaign, that Arafat is not ready for a reasonable compromise. All these assertions, uttered by diverse Israeli politicians and generals, were based on the "assessment" of one man who, while appearing to represent the intelligence department, was actually suppressing the considered professional reports of his own department, as well as of the General Security Service (Shabak).

brought me to tears.


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